Strootman: “I would never join Juve.”

John Solano

Roma midfielder Kevin Strootman spoke today at Pinzolo, here are his words:

A few days ago you said you’re fine. At what point will you be at 100%?
Good question. Physically I’m fine, but there is a difference between being at 100% and being at the top. The Mister just said this: I need to play to get back in shape. Physically I’m fine and I’m happy.

You played as a captain the other day and Spalletti said there are six leaders: do you feel a weight of responsibility?
Yes, I always want to help the team but we have 3 captains, but I always want to help the team but I have to be at my best to do so. I want to help the players and I can not do that if I’m not right.

Juve have won it five times in a row and now got Pjanic.
Who? (Laughs)

Are you playing for second place?
Roma must always fight for the Scudetto, they (Juve) have won five times in a row, the last 2-3 years they’ve bought fast and great players, we have to focus on our matches, we have to win those. We play twice against Juventus and we must do well, you’re right, they have a great team but we have to fight.

Have you already received a proposal for a contract renewal? Is Roma an arrival point for you?
My agent is talking with Roma, it is a good relationship, but as I said to the directors, I want to concentrate on my play, this is important, not the contract. I always felt the support of the club and I want to return to the pitch for them. I have contracr and they know it, I just want to play, nothing more.

You were asked about Pjanic, would you ever go to Juve?
Me? No. Never.

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