Szczesny: “Garcia was a father figure, Spalletti is more tough.”

John Solano

Roma goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny appeared on the Roma TV program ‘Slideshow’ today:

(The slideshow begins with a photo of Rudi Garcia.)
I have a great memory of Rudi because he gave me the opportunity to come here and believed in me, but then he left in January but I think he is a great manager and a great person. I believe that when a manager leaves, the responsibility is not only the manager’s but also the team’s. I think in the end we had a bit of disappointment. As I said, I think he is a really good manager.

Next is a photo of Spalletti.
I do not know who this is (laughs)! Joking aside, this is Mister Spalletti. He’s a good person, too. He came here and immediately brought discipline into the team. Rudi was a friend, a father figure to the players. Spalletti is very tough on the players, he demands discipline, everything has to be done as he puts says: he manages to get the results. He came at a very difficult time when we were only drawing matches andcould not win. He has radically changed things, and I think he is a very good manager.

Now, a photo of the loss to Juve last season.
That’s when we lost 1-0 to Juve, it was not a good match. Spalletti had just arrived and we went to Turin without being able to get any points. It is not a good memory, but it is the beginning of the climb, since that time we have won a lot of matches.

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