Szczesny: “I will consider all proposals this summer.”

John Solano

Goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny, who is on loan at Roma from Arsenal, discussed his future with

In the cup matches, Alisson plays over you.
He deserves it and will have an important future. I’d like to play every match, but it is impossible, so when there is a match in the midweek, having to work for only two days makes it tough.

A review of Skorupski?
As I have said before, Roma is in good hands. Skorupski and Alisson are the future of the club. Lukasz is making incredible progress. Roma will have no goalkeeping problems.

This almost seems like a farewell. Is Arsenal in your destiny?
London is still my home. I play for Roma, but I am still a fan of Arsenal. I watch their matches, sometimes I’m sad, others happy. I do not know what my future holds. The last year and a half in Italy was not exactly the worst of my life (laughs). I am focused my performances in the last four months of this season. I think about playing well, not where I will play the future. The better I do, the more of my future I hold in my hands.

There’s rumored interest of Dortmund, Juve, and Napoli.
All speculation by the media. I know only one thing: the more I play, the more options I will have. I try to do only my job, then this summer I will consider all proposals. At the moment, I still have at least four months in left in Rome. I am an athlete and I want to stay fit.

Can you imagine yourself as a back-up to Cech or Buffon?
Still speculation. The summer will allow me to choose the club where I will be the number 1. This was the main reason why I chose to go on again at Roma: I knew that I would play where at Arsenal this was not so certain. It all went well. I will do everything to play next season. Where? Only time will tell.

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