Taddei: “The Derby? A unique emotion.”

Former Roma midfielder Rodrigo Taddei appeared on Teleradiostereo today ahead of this weekend’s Derby. Here are his words:

How hard is it to get used to life once you stop being a footballer?
To do this job, you have to love it, it is composed of sacrifices from the beginning to the end of your career. Many footballers train every day even away from the pitch at home. To be a footballer, you have sacrifice things such as going out at night. It’s a job made of sacrifices.

What did you feel when you scored in the Derby?
Mamma mia!

How long in Rome did it take before you understood how much the Derby meant?
I understood before I got there. I was aware of it because I was talking to my agent, who is in Rome, he explained very well to me what it meant to play in the Derby. Then I was lucky enough to experience it on my own, it’s certainly a unique emotion.

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