Tavecchio: “I resigned as a mere political act.”

Ousted FIGC president Carlo Tavecchio, who tendered his resignation earlier today, held a press conference today to further explain his decision and provide explanation. These are his words:

”I resigned as a mere political act and I asked that those of the Federal Council to join me. Though, none of them have done so, only I have. I think we’ve reached a point of impossible limits. The political framework hadn’t changed until this morning. I resigned and handed in my resignation on political grounds, not sporting. Serie B will elect its President on the 23rd, Serie A on the 27th. Today is the 20th of November, it’s the eighth day of tragedy in Italian football.”

“CONI? I’ve shared everything with Malago in these last few years. Yesterday, CONI’s president said Lippi chose the new manager. I’ve always said that Tavecchio chose the Azzurri manager, but now you know that I didn’t pick him (Ventura). I’ve paid the price for Ventura being picked. Italians are good people and deserve the World Cup. I’ve met with many over recent days.”


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