The father of Kumbulla: “We were all happy when we heard about Roma’s interest”.

John Solano

Lin Kumbulla, the father of newly acquired Marash Kumbulla, appeared today on Tele Radio Stereo and discussed his son’s recent transfer to the Giallorossi.

Lin, your son came to Roma in a quick negotiation, was it a shock to your family?

Yes, it was a very fast negotiation, considering that we had not previously had contact with the Giallorossi. When we heard about Roma’s interest, we were all very happy, both Marash and our entire family.

You said it: it was very fast negotiation and Roma beat out competition from Lazio and Inter. What influenced your son’s decision?

He has always been fascinated by the city of Rome — then given the strong interest and the will of Giallorossi, it made his choice much easier.

Did Marash receive a phone call from Fonseca before signing?

Yes, the manager contacted him by phone before signing the contract and reassured him that they will have to work together in order to get him acclimated to the system of player.

It’s potentially an €18 million operation: could this price weigh on your son’s mind?

He is calm, he is delighted with the choice he made. With the help of his teammates, the fans and the support of the club, I think he won’t have any problems.

As Marash’s father, what can you reassure the fans of when it comes to your son?

He’s a guy who never backs down, I’m certain that he will give his all for this shirt. I don’t have to give him advice — I usually only do so in private, anyway. But he knows how to handle himself.

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