The father of Zaniolo: “Nicolo’s ‘we will see’ was not in reference to staying at Roma. He would stay there for life”.

John Solano

Igor Zaniolo, the father of Roma starlet Nicole Zaniolo, spoke to Corriere dello Sport about the future of his son. These are his words:

“Nicolò is very grateful for Roma, he is very attached to the environment because of the affection they’ve show him. His words after the match? He was probably a bit warm and didn’t realise what he was saying. The ‘we will see’ was not in regards to his future being far away from Rome, Nicolò would remain at Roma for life. He was referring to his contract —- Nicolò is very sorry for how his words were interpreted, it was absolutely not what he wanted to say and what he wanted to convey. Indeed, he wanted to send a different message, because there will be no problems with the contract. I heard it this morning, he was sorry and was worried about the reaction of the fans, because it was not what he wanted to convey.”

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26 May 20:45