The father of Zaniolo: “There will be no problems for Nicolo’s contract renewal”.

John Solano

Igor Zaniolo, the father of Roma starlet Nicolo Zaniolo, was interviewed today by Corriere dello Sport. These are his words:

The Derby?
My adrenaline is at 1,000. The Derby is always a special match and in Rome you experience a fantastic atmosphere. Nicolo is motivated but I hope he’s more relaxed than I am (laughs).

What about the constant rumors and Nicolo being in the spotlight?
Yes, the recent rumors aren’t good for either Nicolo or the club — we all have to row in the same direction if we want him to continue growing well. We mustn’t destabilise the supporters or Roma, who are in the running for third place and have two important matches coming up. Nicolo’s priority is the team and he’s only worried about the pitch. Yesterday he spent all day at home resting with his mother as he wants to stay focused on these crucial upcoming matches.

And his contract renewal?
It’s true that Raiola requested information on Nicolo and is interested, but Vigorelli will remain Nicolo’s agent for a long time. At the end of the season, we’ll meet with Roma for his contract renewal and there won’t be any problems. There’s the willingness on both sides to positively conclude the negotiation.

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