The Hippodrome of Tor di Valle

John Solano

A state of decay.

IMG 9528

This is the only way we can describe it. Today, various memebers of the media, including RomaPress, and also members of AS Roma, went to the abandoned Hippodrome of Tor di Valle to further highlight the stage of decay that the racetrack is currently under and further demonstrate the ineptitude of Superintendent of Archaeology, Fine Arts and Landscape for the City of Rome, Margherita Eichberg, who had signed a few days ago a “declaration of cultural interest” for the Hippodrome and place a constraint on the race track, preventing not only the demolition and building upon the race track, but the building of anything around the area, the main portion of the future Stadio della Roma.

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What was seen today at the race track? Total abandonment. There’s no way around it. The stables, the stands, and the track itself are rotting away and now being considered “cultural interest” by Eichberg, who is opposed to the stadium. Activities ceased at the track in June 2013 and now the the building sits in a polluted and desolate area with no plans of maintenance or upkeep set.

So see for yourself. Does this area look of public interest? Of course not. It’s simply a stalling tactic to prevent the area from becoming a vibrant and thriving area of Roma.

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Match Center

MatchDay 38
26 May 20:45