Tiago Pinto before Roma-Spezia: “We know what we need in January.”

Andy Mattioli

General Manager Tiago Pinto talked to Sky Sport before kick-off to Roma-Spezia. The Portuguese director was asked about the January market and Mayoral’s future at the club.

“We intend to win today, unfortunately or, should I say, fortunately in the past I won a championship when I was 7 points behind, once I lost it after being 7 points ahead.”

“We have to play all the games as if they were a final.”

“Regarding the market we are in line with Mourinho, we agree on it. We know what we need and we also know that the January market is a little different than the summer one. We think about doing the best for Roma, that’s all that matters.”

On Mayoral:

“He is a great professional. Today he will have another opportunity and we’ll see for January.”

“The doors of the club are always open, both in and out, but now we don’t think about it. Mayoral did well when called upon.”