Totti and Spalletti reconcile after six years

Andy Mattioli

Roma legend Francesco Totti and former Giallorossi manager Luciano Spalletti put their differences aside on Thursday evening.

The pair met – as promised – at the Children’s Hospital of Bambin Gesu in Rome and together went around greeting the patients.

In what proved to be an emotional evening for everyone involved, Totti and Spalletti discussed their decision to reunite after six turbulent years during which they were not on speaking terms.

“The hug with Spalletti is secondary. This is a special day especially for the children we came to visit,” said Totti to the media.

“We had this day at our disposal and we managed to reconcile. Therefore, hugging is especially for the children, which is much more important. What did we say to each other? Nothing, because having a relationship that has always gone beyond football, a simple look is enough between us, and it’s all enclosed in a hug.”

Luciano Spalletti added, “We had never really gotten into a fight. We’d always admired each other. And in an era of conflict, in which we adults tend to argue often, being here hugging each other and giving gifts to the children can be a message through their eyes for an ever better future.”

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