Totti on the draw: “We will try to put them in trouble.”

John Solano

Francesco Totti, former captain of Roma and current director, spoke to Mediaset Premium and Sky Sport after the Champions League draw. These are his words:

You conplained to Sheva (about the draw).
He created all of this, he chose the groups (laughs), but we all know that the strong teams have to be faced. It will not be easy for them, though, either as they face Roma. We will try to put them in trouble.

The experience of Simeone and Conte?
They are two top, international clubs and we will try to put them in trouble as much as possible.

Your message to Schick?
Do you know everything (laughs)? He responded, the important thing was to educate (him). We are evaluating whether he will become a Roma player or not. He responded to me but I could not read it (his message) well because it was in English (laughs).

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