Totti: “The most important words I received when I retired came from my family.”

John Solano

Roma director Francesco Totti appeared on Russian television Match TV. These are his words:

Francesco, what are the most important words you heard when you retired from football?
The most important words I received came from my family: from my children, my wife and my parents. These are the most important words I received and ones that I will carry with me forever. It is normal that when you finish your career, you’re always a bit stunned, it was a difficult time, especially after twenty-five years with the same shirt: retiring was very difficult, but everything has a beginning and an end. The end has come and I’m happy with what I’ve done.

Francesco, a message for Spalletti?
I wish him good luck in the new year.

What did you feel when you won the World Cup?
Touching the World Cup, I think it’s every player’s dream. It is the highest achievement that can be won, the most important objective in football. And luckily, I managed to touch it.

Would you prefer a goal in the Derby or a dinner with your wife? And why?
Dinner with my wife is much more beautiful and romantic.

But you have dinner with your wife every day.
Romantic dinners are not had every day (laughs)!