Totti pondering role at Roma

John Solano

Il Corriere dello Sport: Today will be the last time we see Francesco Totti as a player, but the captain is already looking to his future and the role on the table with the club.

A lot of Totti’s decision will depend on the interview he will have with James Pallotta, who will arrive today at Ciampino on a private jet. Totti has been clear with the Roma leaders including Monchi. Totti wants a role that adds value and can utilise his experience on the pitch to help raise Roma’s level. Monchi has offered him to begin as his assistant so that he can introduce him into the daily life of Trigoria and the city, and how it (the city) can act as a magnet in helping draw new players. Totti has already been a player – how many times have you heard the phrase “It’s a dream to play with Totti” at press conferences – but now he can be even more of a leader by helping persuade potential new players. According to what has emerged, Totti is fascinated by the opportunity offered to him and by the goodness with which Monchi has offered it to him. But in his mind, there the one he fancies most is technical director, the same role that Bruno Conti had in the Sensi era and served as a link between senior leaders and the team.

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