Totti: “I am ready to begin my next chapter as a director.”

John Solano

Francesco Totti appeared on Roma TV today and confirmed he will become a director at Roma, here is an excerpt of his words:

“My role as a football player is over and now the most important one as a director will begin and I’m hoping to do here the same as I did on the pitch. It’s my passion, football is everything. Making friends, scoring goals and having fun. It is something that touches every important thing in my body. I’ll have the same mentality and spirit in this Rome. With all of my footballing experience, I can lend a huge hand.”

“Until 28 May, all I thought about was playing so it will take time to register what I’m doing. This new job excites me and I hope it brings me good things. I have the opportunity to work with Roma, Pallotta, Monchi, Baldissoni, and Di Francesco. I’ll need a bit of time to get my feet under me. I don’t want to have an exact role: I want to be everything while being nothing. I have spoken with Monchi and Pallotta, there is still time but he and I are happy with how our meeting went. We will try to get the team in the best position possible.”

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