Totti: “Roma are a candidate for the Scudetto.”

John Solano

Roma director Francesco Totti was present at the Globe Soccer Awards in Dubai today and spoke to Sky Sport ahead of the ceremony. These are his words:

Can this Roma win the Scudetto?
This Roma is a candidate win the Scudetto, they’re one of the 3 or 4 that can contend for the title of Italian champion. Roma are competitive and strong. The league is different this year compared to last year. There are 3 or 4 very strong teams looking to get as many points as possible.

As a Roma executive, do you envy anything at Juve?
The word envy is not part of my repertoire. I look, I listen and I analyse. What I can say right now is this: the lack of owning your stadium. That is the only thing I envy of Juventus, apart from the Scudetti and the Champions League’s won.

Is a Scudetto won in Rome worth much more than those won in other cities? Is it more difficult to win in Rome than in other cities?
Unfortunately yes, the statistics say this. One Scudetto in Rome is worth ten elsewhere. This is legendary chatter. We hope this Roma can grow and improve from all points of view.

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