Totti speechless after missed penalty: “This cannot go on”.

John Solano

Francesco Totti to Sky Sport following Roma 2-2 Inter:

“The missed penalty? It’s useless to try and explain – everyone saw it. We’re wondering what those who were in charge of VAR tonight were watching. Why not utilise VAR in that instance? There’s a reason we put VAR in place: to review instances that aren’t seen by the referee. Maybe Fabbri (the referee in charge of VAR) was watching another match tonight. We had a meeting with the referees’ association in Milan but then we see episodes like tonight’s. This cannot continue. I don’t say this only because of Roma, it could happen to other teams. I want to ask Fabbri what he was looking at. We can’t look for alibis, but that episode changed the match, we could have taken the lead but then we conceded. Episodes like that can effect an entire season”.

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MatchDay 38
26 May 20:45