Totti’s wife hits out at Spalletti: “He is a little man.”

John Solano

The wife of Francesco Totti, Ilary Blasi, issued strong statements to La Gazzetta dello Sport regarding Luciano Spalletti today. Here is an excerpt of her words that will be released in full later today:

“Spalletti suffers with my Francesco: he is a little man. I am not criticizing his technical choices. I am critical of his behavior as a human and Spalletti was a small man (during the saga last season with Totti). He could have been much more delicate but Spalletti certainly was not. People are also judges on situations like this and he received a very low vote. Francesco is being followed equally abroad in the US and Saudi Arabia. On 21 February, Totti was kicked out of his home. It was surreal. Pallotta? First he should think then talk.”

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