Udinese’s Pierpaolo Marino labels 4-0 win over Roma “historic”

After a night that saw them dominate Jose Mourinho’s Roma, Udinese director Pierpaolo Marino discussed his team’s start to this year’s campaign, describing the 4-0 win over Roma as a historic event.

“This is a bombastic victory,” he told Udinese TV. “A historic night. I usually speak when we lose, so tonight I wanted to show myself after a convincing win.”

“I would sound presumptuous if I told you I believed we could have achieved such good results so early on in the season,” Marino added.

“Our team play by heart, they play from memory… it’s like they’ve had Sottil as their manager since forever. He’s already been able to transmit his mentality to the team. He’s instilled the correct attitude in them.”

“Let’s enjoy this evening and not put pressure on the players, who have shown that they have a great sense of belonging.”


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    02-04-2023 16:00