Updates on the renewals of Manolas, Nainggolan, and Strootman

John Solano

Il Corriere dello Sport: The first order of business circled in red on the agenda of Ricky Massara is ‘contract renewals’. Sabatini, before leaving Roma, could not fix the situations pertaining to Manolas, Strootman, and Nainggolan. None of the cases appears unsolvable, despite the undiplomatic statements of the outgoing sporting director, but all of these situations need to be addressed.

In recent days, for the tenth time over the last few months, the agent of Kostas Manolas was at Trigoria to perfect the contract agreement. There are no big problems, because Manolas has accepted the economic conditions of Roma, knowing they can discuss a possible farewell next summer. Only a few details are left to be defined, but the Greek’s contract will be extended up to 2020. The net salary will rise from €1.8 million to about €2.5 million plus a series of easy and others more difficult bonuses that can elevate the total of the net wages. The announcement should not be too long away.

Like Manolas, the new contract will be announced soon. Sabatini specified that in his case, he is not expected to renew the contract but there will only be a salary adjustment to reward him. Roma can not afford to challenge the wages offered by some of the biggest clubs in Europe, especially since revenues next year will drop by about €35 million due to non-participation in the Champions League, however Nainggolan’s wages will be increased, a pleasure for the Belgian after expressing his love for the club.

Strootman, meanwhile, has a contract that expires in 2018. The Dutchman’s contract will be extended by one year in the coming weeks for the same current figures. Strootman has already given his word to Roma he will extend as a sense of gratitude after the club stood by him for the two seasons he was injured.