Veretout: “Fonseca was fundamental in my arrival. I can grow a lot under him”.

John Solano

Jordan Veretout gave an extensive interview today to La Gazzetta dello Sport. The Frenchman discussed his first few weeks at Roma as well as the decision-making process that ultimately brought him to the Italian capital. These are his words:

“I couldn’t wait to return to training. I’m ready to go but I’ve got to work on getting myself on par with everyone else. My ankle is fine, though – it doesn’t hurt anymore. I’m going to get back into my rhythm”. 

Fonseca is looking for a regista. Does you feel like taking this responsibility?
I’ve been playing deeper in these first training sessions, I like it. However, I can also play as the other mediano, which plays a little bit further up. It is not a problem, the important thing is balance.

Can you tell us about your call with Fonseca?
He told me that he had already seen many of my matches and that he liked how I played and that he wanted me to join him. He explained his football to me. He was fundamental. If I’m here it’s also due to him – he convinced me and made me feel his trust.

Milan also wanted you.
I chose Roma because it’s a great team and because I realised that I can grow under Fonseca. This influenced my choice, when you go to a club like this, you have to be comfortable. The manager has great personality, his teams have always played very well and now he wants to make a strong and competitive team in Rome, too.

The Derby is the second match day. You scored a hat trick against Lazio with Fiorentina.
I’m aware of how much this match means. I hope to score three against them again. As soon as I got here, they told me I’ve got to have another immaculate match against Lazio. First, though, we have to worry about Genoa – we need the three points. We have to start well and gain confidence.

Did Sabrina (your partner), have a say when it came to choosing Roma?
She is in love with Italy, all she asked of me was to stay in this country – but this was also my own desire. She loved Florence so much and I said to her: “Rome is bigger and more beautiful”. In Florence, I lived in the center of Ponte Vecchio. I still have to choose where I’ll live here. I still have yet to see all the traffic everyone talks about (laughs) and the chaos – but my teammates told me just to wait until September, which is when I’ll fully understand it. The important thing is that my family is happy here.

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