Veretout: “We did well yesterday but now we have to continue to work. It will be tough against Atalanta”.

John Solano

Roma midfielder Jordan Veretout appeared on Roma Radio late this morning after his sensational performance in yesterday’s 2-1 victory against Bologna. These are his words:

Do you feel more confident over time?
Yes, it’s even better to win at the last second. We must all continue to work together. Yesterday we played a good game.

What do you think about the last chance to seal the win?
I feel very good (about it), at the last moment, I took the ball and carried it forward. We scored a good goal with a nice assist from Pellegrini and a great finish from Dzeko.

Let’s talk about ball possession. Has there been a quantum leap in that regard?
Yes, we did well with the ball, but we need to improve in the final thirty meters. We must continue to work like this, all together and we can have a good season.

You did a somersault after the goal.
Yes, I don’t know why (laughs), but the three points are more important.

Are you having fun playing too?
Yes, on the pitch, we are happy to represent Roma with our style of play. We know that together we can have great matches.

Did Fonseca call you to get you to come here?
Roma is a great team, after Fiorentina I wanted to step a level up. I am happy to be here, Fonseca’s call was important because the manager is essential in a team. He convinced me to come, but I would have come anyway, I really like the supporters, the club, and the city.

Wednesday is Roma-Atalanta.
Atalanta is very strong, they were losing 2-0 yesterday and recovered at the last second. We need a big game in order to win, we need to rest and work, but I know the team will be ready.

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