(VIDEO) Moreno: “Roma? It’s an amazing step in my career.”

John Solano

Roma defender Hector Moreno was interviewed by Kick and spoke about various topics, including his passage to Roma, here is an excerpt of his words:

What are you most excited about joining AS Roma this season and playing in Italy?
For me, it’s an amazing step in my career and to achieve this…to be at a top club, I’ll be in the team who is fighting with Juventus to win the Scudetto. I hope I can help the team to win the title. Everything is exciting. I love Italy, the Serie A. Rome is an amazing city. For me and my family it will be amazing to live this adventure.

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Do you feel the pressure of having to finish 2nd or higher?
I come from Holland where the pressure is there and to also be in the European tournament. In Holland we had pressure, but not with this much competition, it was really only us, Feyenoord, and Ajax. Here you have to fight against Inter, Milan, Juve, Fiorentina, and Napoli and the other teams. It’s harder and more difficult. I like the pressure. It gives you the focus and concentration you need to be at the top level.

You really haven’t spent much time in Rome yet. Do you feel the stress in figuring that out?
The club helps a lot and so did my wife. While I was in the Confederations Cup and while I’m here training with the club (in the United States) she has been in Rome looking for a house and she has already found one. I want to see how every day life is when I’m there.

Have you spoken with Strootman about the World Cup match against Holland?
No, I haven’t but we have spoken of PSV since he used to play there. I try to forget about it, it was a bad day for me.

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