Vincent Candela regrets not having role in Roma’s management

Andy Mattioli

Legendary Roma defender Vincent Candela expressed his regret of not having a role within the capital club’s management.

“I would have liked to have had a role in Trigoria,” Candela told Il Messaggero. “A position between players and management, dealing with the dynamics of the group. I have always asked, since Baldini’s time at the club, then I talked about it with Montella, with Di Francesco, I would have even worked for free.”

“Maybe I’m not capable, maybe I’m in a bad position. I was a little disappointed,” he added.

“It is madness that Francesco Totti is not part of Roma. His shirts are still the best-selling today, he is known and appreciated all over the world,” Candela said of his former teammate.

“He’s an integral part of the history of this club, maybe he’s inconvenient, maybe he overshadows someone, I don’t know. Someone like him has to be there.”

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