Virginia Raggi in the hospital with a sudden illness

John Solano

12.47 CET: The meeting of today for the stadium has been confirmed. However, in a curious yet seemingly cowardous move, Rome mayor Virginia Raggi will not attend the 16.00 CET meeting at Il Campidoglio, says LaPresse.

11.48 CET: The mayor of Rome Virginia Raggi is in the hospital for a few examinations following a sudden illness she had this morning, says Ansa.

The mayor is now undergoing medical checks at San Filippo Neri to determine the issue but it doesn’t seem serious, only stress induced. Despite it looking like a child who does not want to attend school, the decisive meeting of today for the Stadio della Roma at 16.00 is expected to go on, when either the yes or no will arrive on the dossier of the stadium, but her presence at the meeting is still in question.

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