Zaniolo comments after “dream” first goal

John Solano

Nicolo Zaniolo to Roma TV after scoring in Roma 3-1 Sassuolo:

The desire was there to do well in front of the supporters.
There was a desire to win we did so, we stepped on to the pitch with the right mentality and immediately pressed them high, the result reflected that.

You’re full of personality.
The Mister tells me what to do and I do it. We wanted to pull their defenders out today and we managed to do that very well.

Now the difficult part begins: people will demand more. You had a chance in the first half, too — did you think about lobbing the goalkeeper then, too?
I should’ve tried to do it sooner but I had the ball on my right foot.

Your first Serie A goal arrived later, though.
I’ve been dreaming about scoring in Serie A since I was child, I had chances in other matches but couldn’t manage to do so, but I kept looking for it today. The only thing I think about is training well and giving my all, sooner or later the results will arrive.

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