Why is Roma a great partner for GamStop?

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In April 2018, a non-profit organization known as National Online Self-Exclusion Scheme (NOSES) launched GamStop. In its sphere of influence, GamStop can monitor and curb excessive gambling behaviour among all gamblers. Recently GamStop is in the limelight as its logo is seen printed in almost every football match.

Since the regulation by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) which requires all licensed gambling operators to acquire this self-exclusion scheme, GamStop has grown in popularity. With football and gambling now inextricably linked, this non-profit organization has decided to partner with English football clubs. Several well-known football clubs have already signed partnership agreements with it, including Luton Town FC, Crystal Palace FC, and Middlesbrough FC.

Football clubs outside the United Kingdom are also looking to partner up with the GamStop – like Associazione Sportiva Roma (Roma), for example. Let’s take a closer look at their reasons to do it.

Reasons for Roma to collaborate with GamStop

Associazione Sportiva Roma (Roma) should partner up with GamStop because there are many benefits for both organizations in this collaboration. This could be a collaboration both Roma and GamStop can benefit from. Below are the specific reasons why this successful club should collaborate with GamStop.

Empowering GamStop 

Italian professional club A.S. Roma was established in 1927 and has its headquarters in Rome. Roma is the three times winner of the professional league competition Serie A (1941-42, 1982-83, 2000-01). They also have nine Coppa Italia titles and two Supercoppa Italiana titles (2001, 2007). They also are the proud winner of one Serie B (1951-52), Intercities fairs cup (1960-61), and Anglo-Italian club (1972). 

Throughout the decades, Roma has been the dominant team. With a worldwide reputation for being the best football team, the club’s cooperation with GamStop is an opportunity to make the self-exclusion service more prominent. Gamblers can use GamStop to prevent themselves from accessing licensed gambling websites, and this partnership with Roma will enhance the reputation of GamStop.

Bringing GamStop to the attention of players

GamStop prevents compulsive gambling among addicts by acting as a shield. Furthermore, it promotes a self-exclusion scheme for gamblers to limit their online gambling activities. The United Kingdom’s betting laws require punters to provide their real information and to confirm their registration by mail to minimize gambling harm. 

The tenure of self-exclusion is activated within 24 hours of the details being entered and verified by the system. Punters can choose to self-exclude for six months, a year, or even as long as five years at the end of their registration. After that restricted period is over they are eligible to reaccess gambling sites. 
But, despite the benefits of such an approach, many players keep ignoring self-exclusion options and use betting options that are not with GamStop and not under UKGC’s control. Sportsbooks are entities that generally accept bets from gamblers on different types of sports. If Roma collaborates with GamStop that can easily make punters aware of the scheme.

Following the example of other football clubs

The English football leagues openly support initiatives that promote safe and responsible gambling to avoid criticism for their involvement with gambling. To prevent gambling harm, the group has expanded its alliance with football teams since the creation of the solution. 

The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) considers GamStop to be a vital condition of gambling operators securing their licenses and is going so far as to threaten operators with fines and license cancellations if they breach or bypass it. The commission’s decision was supported by several organisations not only in football leagues but in all sorts of sports. 

The collaboration with renowned football league clubs is making their native as well as international fan base support reasonable gambling. As a result of this collaboration, the UK gambling industry may be enhanced greatly.

Helping gamblers with addiction

Survey shows that about 1.4 million people in the UK are gambling addicts and the numbers are stipulating at an alarming rate owing to the easy accession to online betting platforms. Helping these compulsive gamblers is crucial, and in addition to the various organizations available to help, gambling operators are recommended to implement GamStop as an effective self-exclusion solution to aid gambling addiction. 

Self-exclusion has proved to be effective, so prominent clubs like Roma can access their whole fan base through social platforms, club match days, and also on websites to increase the recognition and popularity of self-exclusion solutions. This way, association with millions through reputable clubs can easily help to curb the allure of reckless gamblers.


GamStop is indeed a great initiative taken by UKGC in curbing reckless gambling and is an effective device to maintain a reasonable gambling atmosphere. Collaboration with Football league clubs like Roma is considered to be a great tool in generating awareness among addicted punters through multiple media and they can step out of the vicious cycle. They will learn to curb the urge of overspending and a self-exclusion scheme will help them to lead a healthy lifestyle.  

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